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We love introducing new riders (of all ages) to the great sport of BMX. Come out and join us at Omaha BMX! 

BMX may seem a little intimidating at first, but with some basic knowledge and equipment you can be out on the track in no time. This page is designed to help you get the basic information you’ll need to get started at Omaha BMX’s track.

Tuesday evenings is the best time to come out to the track for the first time. Tuesdays are practice night, consider practice nights like an open house, riders come and go anytime from 6:30-9:30pm. Additionally, each year we offer a New Rider’s League at the beginning of the season (usually starts in April). Sign up to get notifications from us or follow our Facebook page to be alerted once the New Riders League starts. 

Omaha BMX offers loaner bikes to be used at the track. It’s a good idea to use a loaner bike rather than bringing a non-racing BMX bike. BMX racing bikes are different than a typical bike, and are even different than that of a freestyle BMX bike. Be sure to wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt and an approved bicycle helmet (full-face helmet preferred). 

Once at the track find a volunteer to help show you around. They can walk you through gate drops, basic rules, and more.



Register with USA BMX

We offer every rider a free, one-day trial membership to practice at the course and see if BMX is a good fit. After that you’ll need to register with USA BMX if you wish to continue to practice at the track and participate in race nights. The annual dues are ~$60/rider. You can register online here or in person at the track.

Practice Nights

Every Tuesday (during the season and weather permitting) we have practice from ~6:30-9:30pm at the Omaha BMX track. While there’s a start and end time you’ll find many people come and go throughout the night. Practice is $3 per rider at Omaha BMX. You can purchase practice cards online here or in person at the track.


Every Friday night (during the season and weather permitting) we hold sanctioned USA BMX races at Omaha BMX. Registration for races is from ~7-8pm – this time is also used for warming up prior to the race. Once motos (a printed sheet that shows what race each rider is in) are posted racing begins – typically around 8pm. After the first two motos the top riders will make it to the main event. If you finish first, second or third in a main you will receive a trophy. In BMX racing, the ultimate achievement isn’t the bike you ride or the uniform you wear, it’s to ride the #1 plate – #1 in your district, your state, your region, your national age group, or even #1 in the nation! 


USA BMX uses four criteria to determine a racer’s classification for competition: AGE, GENDER, PROFICIENCY and WHEEL SIZE.  Everyone starts in the Novice class, which is limited to beginners. After winning 10 races, Novice boys move into the Intermediate class, while Novice girls move into the Girl class. The Girl class is the highest proficiency level in the sport for girls, after 20 more wins Intermediate boys move into the Expert class – which is the highest proficiency level in the sport for amateur boys.

Finally, there are two bike categories, based on wheel size/diameter—20” wheel BMX bikes called class bikes, and 24” wheel BMX bikes called cruiser bikes. The 20” bikes are the required size for all Novice, Intermediate, Girl and Expert competition, while the 24” bikes are the required size for all Cruiser competition. (18″ tires are allowed for riders in the 5-and-under class)


What ages are allowed to ride?

Nearly any age is allowed to register and race with USA BMX. Most of the time the youngest riders are 3-years-old, however, occasionally we hold strider events for racers even younger than 3. However, not being young shouldn't hold you back. Riders in their 70s still race BMX. Anyone can join at any age. 

Is it free to come watch?

Yes! We always enjoy having fans come and cheer on riders at Omaha BMX. We have ample bleacher space and a concession stand open on race nights. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

How does coaching work for BMX?

Omaha BMX doesn't offer any formal coaching or training. When riders are young (5 and under) it's recommended to just get comfortable with riding a bike, acclimate to the track and gate drops. BMX is an individual sport, however, some riders will become part of a team as they get older (which is typically invite only). Occasionally, Omaha BMX holds group training sessions led by expert and pro riders.  Check out calendar or follows us on Facebook to learn more about those sessions.

Where can I buy a bmx bike & equipment

Locally, Cycle Works (Lincoln) is the great spot to purchase BMX bikes and equipment. However, there are a number of online retailers including JR Bicycles and Dan's Comp. Another good idea is to join the Omaha area BMX Bikes buy, sell, trade Facebook Group or even look for Facebook groups that fit your age/needs to find used bikes and equipment. If your rider is 5-and-under Helium Racing is a great resource for parts that accomdate smaller riders.

Are there loaner bikes and helmets?

Omaha BMX provides loaner bikes with a variety of sizes suitable for all ages. Loaner bikes are only available on practice and race nights only. At this time loaner helmets are not available due to COVID-19 restrictions. To request a loaner bike vist the pavillion at the track.

What kind of fees are associated with BMX?

Beyond the annual USA BMX registration of ~$60 there is a $3 practice fee and a $12 race fee at Omaha BMX. Other tracks charge similar rates for practices and race nights. Occasionally, there will be special race events and clinics which vary in price. While we do offer loaner bikes you will want to purchase your own protective equipment including a full-face helmet. After some time you may want to purcahse your own bike as well - especially if you want to travel to other courses that may not offer loaner bikes.

I'm coming in from out of town, where can I stay?

Unfornately, we don't offer onsite camping at Omaha BMX due to the fact that it's located within a city park, however, there are a few campgrounds not too far away including Cunningham Lake (8 miles from track), Riverwest Park (11 miles from track).

The closest hotels to the track are the Holiday Inn Express (120th & Maple - less than one mile from the track) and Hampton Inn (Old Mill -  2 miles from track).

Other questions?

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Omaha BMX is a 501(3)C & USA BMX Sanctioned Track